Come and browse through English and French editions available on site through our partner bookshop La Page. All the authors will be happy to sign after their events.

Wednesday 15 May

7pm – 7.30pm: Ella Baron
8.30pm – 9pm: Olivia Rosenthal & Jonathan Coe

Thursday 16 May

7pm – 7.30pm: Tatiana de Rosnay & Alicia Drake
8pm – 8.30pm: Adélaïde Bon & Négar Djavadi
10pm – 10.30pm: Margaret Drabble, Imogen Sutton, Sarah LeFanu

Friday 17 May

7.30pm – 8pm: John Freeman & Pierre Ducrozet
8.30pm – 9pm: Sarah Moss & Jean-Baptiste Del Amo